THCA Flower Smalls- Kombucha (1oz)

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Kombucha, a hybrid born from the notable Sour Diesel and Purple Punch, offers a fragrance dominated by diesel notes with subtle fruity undertones. Its smoke is smooth, delivering taste profiles reminiscent of pine.

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Tom’s bringing the essence of imagination straight to your stash with our 1oz Kombucha Flower pack. This Sativa-driven delight, stemming from the iconic duo of Sour Diesel and Purple Punch, is your one-ounce ticket to a vibrant and spirited day.

Feels Like – Tom’s THC Kombucha Flower: With every session, Kombucha calls on the muses of mirth and creativity. It’s about embracing those spontaneous bursts of inspiration and the soft, echoing laughter that follows a shared joke among friends.

Tastes Like – Tom’s THC Kombucha Flower: Your palate is about to embark on an epicurean journey with a flavor that fuses the boldness of diesel and the subtlety of fruit, rounded off with a refreshing pine finale. It’s a complex symphony of tastes that’ll have you coming back for encore after encore.

The Look – Tom’s THC Kombucha Flower: Glowing with a verdant hue kissed by twilight purples, each bud is a testament to Tom’s dedication to quality and beauty. They’re tightly formed, almost as if they’re bursting with the very essence of what it means to chill in Tom’s world.

This 1oz Kombucha Flower from Tom’s THC isn’t just cannabis; it’s a celebration of life’s playful twists and turns, encapsulated in a jar. Grab it, spark it, and let your spirit soar.

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Tom's-THCA-FLOWER_KOMBUCHA-SMALLS-1THCA Flower Smalls- Kombucha (1oz)
Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $80.00.