Kombucha THCA Flower 3.5g

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Kombucha, a hybrid born from the notable Sour Diesel and Purple Punch, offers a fragrance dominated by diesel notes with subtle fruity undertones. Its smoke is smooth, delivering taste profiles reminiscent of pine.

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Creative souls and adventurers, gather ’round! Tom’s THC proudly presents our Eighths pack of Kombucha Flower, a harmonious blend of Sour Diesel and Purple Punch genetics. This 3.5g pack is your pocket-sized muse, ready to accompany you on every quest for inspiration.

Feels Like – Tom’s THC Kombucha Flower: Embrace a burst of cerebral energy and a flow of creativity with each puff of Kombucha. It’s about those moments that sparkle with clarity and laughter, offering a light-hearted escape into a world where your spirit can truly soar.

Tastes Like – Tom’s THC Kombucha Flower: Savor the layered complexity of diesel, fruit, and pine that defines the Kombucha strain. Each draw is a narrative of flavors, telling a tale of bold beginnings, fruitful journeys, and a refreshing, pine-clad finale.

The Look – Tom’s THC Kombucha Flower: Admire the artistry in each bud, dressed in vibrant greens and regal purples, crowned with a frost of trichomes. It’s a visual feast, as delightful to the eyes as it is to the senses, signaling the premium experience that awaits within.

Tom’s THC Eighths pack of Kombucha Flower is not just an offering; it’s a small wonder designed to enrich your daily routine with moments of joy and bursts of creativity. Perfect for those times when you seek both spontaneity and solace. Grab this gem and let your creative flags fly high!

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Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $45.00.