THCA Flower Smalls- Kombucha QP

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Kombucha, a hybrid born from the notable Sour Diesel and Purple Punch, offers a fragrance dominated by diesel notes with subtle fruity undertones. Its smoke is smooth, delivering taste profiles reminiscent of pine.

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Ready for a quarter-pound of pure vibes? Tom’s got you covered with our Kombucha Flower Smalls. This stellar hybrid, born from the legendary Sour Diesel and Purple Punch, delivers a full-on sensory expedition, all packed neatly into our generous pound pack.

Feels Like – Tom’s THC Kombucha Flower: Imagine a wave of cheer washing over you, that first laugh echoing in a room of good friends – that’s the Kombucha flow. It’s about capturing those easygoing moments and stretching them out for the long haul.

Tastes Like – Tom’s THC Kombucha Flower: Get a taste of the wild side with the daring dance of diesel and delicate fruit notes that the Kombucha strain so artfully presents. It’s like a pine forest meets a citrus grove in a harmonious blend that’s all about the flair.

The Look – Tom’s THC Kombucha Flower: Visual appeal? Check. Our Kombucha buds are a feast for the eyes, boasting vibrant greens and majestic purples, reminiscent of a twilight sky. They’re the kind of nugs that you can’t help but admire before sparking up.

Tom’s THC Kombucha Flower Smalls pack is more than just cannabis – it’s a key to unlocking those epic moments, whether it’s a solo night in or a social gathering. So, when you’re looking to stock up on good times, you know where to turn. Keep it groovy, keep it Tom’s THC.

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Original price was: $400.00.Current price is: $200.00.