THCA Flower Smalls- Donnie Burger (1oz)

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Donny Burger, an indica strain, is the result of a cross between the potent GMO and Han Solo Burger strains. If you enjoy the uplifting effects of a sativa high but also value the physical benefits of a hybrid, indulging in Donny Burger might be the perfect choice for you.

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Hey everyone It’s your buddy Tom, cruising in with the scoop on our primo Donnie Burger. This is the bud you bring to the party to make friends or the stash you save for solo nights when you’re kicking back with your records. In this one-ounce wonder from Tom’s THC, we’re all about turning moments golden without making wild claims—just sharing the good vibes.

Feels Like – Tom’s THC Donnie Burger: When you’re hanging with Tom’s THC Donnie Burger, it’s about setting the vibe. It’s like finding that perfect groove in your favorite tune, where the beat just hits right and everything else fades out. This is about enjoying the moment and letting your mood ring true.

Tastes Like – Tom’s THC Donnie Burger: The taste? Think of it as a flavor jam session in your mouth. Tom’s THC Donnie Burger lays down a smooth, cheesy baseline, with a zing of peppery citrus to liven things up. It’s a blend that’s all about savoring the notes as they come.

The Look – Tom’s THC Donnie Burger: Lay your eyes on Tom’s THC Donnie Burger and it’s like a visual album of cool. Bright neon green that could light up any room, twisted with vivid orange that’s all flair. Those glistening trichomes? They’re like the stage lights at the end of a killer solo, hinting at the experience waiting in the wings.

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Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $80.00.